Artist Spotlight: Patrick Fraser, California USA

British photographer and filmmaker Patrick Fraser has lived in California for the past 18 years. He photographs editorial features for magazines like Vanity Fair, British Vogue and Esquire as well as color supplements The Sunday Times, Observer and Guardian. He has shot ad campaigns for many leading US brands including Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Hilton Hotels to name a few. His portrait work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Patrick continues to make documentary and experimental films.He has always loved the Mojave desert in California and often visits his cabin in Joshua Tree.  

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Artist Spotlight: Erica Stinziani, Connecticut USA

Although she is more well-known for her wedding photography, Erica Stinziani of Stella Blue Photography caught our eye from her colorful and whimsical images of Cassie Stephens, art teacher extraordinaire (Issue #26).  A peek through the Stella Blue portfolio shows that same attention to detail that made Cassie’s photo-shoot images so fun, with a focus on capturing those fleeting moments and turning them into memories to be treasured for a lifetime.


Artist Spotlight: Murjoni Merriweather, Maryland USA

Murjoni Merriweather celebrates the human form in clay, specifically focusing on the African American experience.  Her work explores stereotypes associated with people of color, seeking to address and eliminate European standards of beauty that also often dictate black beauty through her study of form and texture.


Artist Spotlight: Carlos Perez Del Moro, Venezuela

Carlos Perez Del Moro is a screen printer living in Caracas, Venezuela.  He currently works with paper, aluminum ink.  Del Moro’s uses the layered colors in the screen printing process to build up visual interest, focusing on pop culture imagery.