Artist Spotlight: Lewinale Havette

Lewinale Havette is a Liberian artist living and working in Atlanta. Her work tells the story of Mitochondrial Eve through ethereal self-portraits. She focuses on scientific and historical findings of Eve and with the goal of bringing Eve’s rich history into the current conversation about migration, alienation, exploitation and ultimately, acceptance. 

Havette sometimes uses conflict free diamonds in her work, a representation of a natural resource that has been the cause of conflict in many African countries.


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Artist Spotlight: Jasmine De Silva, London UK

Born in the UK, Jasmine started pursuing photography at the age of 16. She has since studied and worked in Milan, and completed a BA in Fashion Styling and Photography at the London College of Fashion, where she is now in the final term of her Master Degree. Jasmines’ photography has also developed into moving image, often working with bold color palettes, and expressing ideas of the everyday human desire to be perfect .

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Artist Spotlight: Patrick Fraser, California USA

British photographer and filmmaker Patrick Fraser has lived in California for the past 18 years. He photographs editorial features for magazines like Vanity Fair, British Vogue and Esquire as well as color supplements The Sunday Times, Observer and Guardian. He has shot ad campaigns for many leading US brands including Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Hilton Hotels to name a few. His portrait work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Patrick continues to make documentary and experimental films.He has always loved the Mojave desert in California and often visits his cabin in Joshua Tree.  

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Artist Spotlight: Whitney Salgado, Wisconsin USA

A graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Whitney Salgado is a 27 year-old digital artist studying and living in Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring color and is inspired by nature, dreams, and surrealism. While she prefers working digitally, she is also practiced in traditional media and picks up acrylics from time to time. 

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